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If you want the best ThriveCart templates that are not only beautiful but also profitable, and that are very valuable based on the results, then this is the right thing for you!

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P.S. I’ve seen many sell … I’ll be open and honest “Shit templates” that are not responsive on the phone, and 90% of people go through your funnel via mobile. So don’t throw $ 1,000 – $ 3,000 on such templates.

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Most frequent questions and answers
How can I get all these templates and bonuses for FREE?
1. If you are not yet a ThriveCart user, you can get these templates completely FREE here: ( via our referral link )


2. If you don’t have a Convert Box yet (new product from the TC team) you can get these TC Templates completely FREE here: ( via our referral link )


No problem. It’s very easy.

Within the Learn platform there is a tutorial for exporting templates and adding code.

When it comes to editing templates, from images to text, everything is easy.

You have nothing to do with the code.

You edit, add images, change images, add videos, change button colors, background colors as well as templates that do not have code.

You have a detailed tutorial for that as well.

Now you just need to look at that tutorial and add the desired template for your sales page, upsell page & downsell page.

When you do that, then within the ThriveCart editor you change everything as usual.

If you don’t know, I can always help you fix it easily and without problems.

In case you don’t need the whole BUNDLE, you can contact me directly on messenger or instagram, so I can see how I can help you!

Link: https://www.facebook.com/lizaeight/

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